The Roots

Juniper’s scenario based screening tests how individuals react in common situations. With our foundations in research, the roots will help you understand how you solve problems.


Adaptability is the root of being able to react in response to change. Oftentimes, adaptability can be demonstrated by learning new skills, changing your mindset and planning for the future. Adaptability is not only important to your life but can also be seen as an asset to employers!

Someone who is optimistic tend to see the positive side of things and expect good things to happen.

Someone who is realistic tend to see the faults that others may not see or might not want to see.


Perseverance is the root of being able to work through a problem, regardless of the obstacles in your way. Perseverance is characterized by common actions like not giving up, setting goals and giving it your all! Perseverance is important in our day-to-day lives as it will empower us to do more and make an impact!

Meticulous people see the problem by looking at each task and detail.

Visionaries see the problem by looking at the big picture.


Composure is the root of being able to regulate and control your emotions when times get tough. Being composed means to stay calm under pressure, not let your emotions get a hold of you and practicing strong coping techniques to improve your mental state. It is important to be composed as it will allow us to have a more positive time!

Introspective people tend to think about ways to solve problems and tend to reflect on their habits/the problem

Reactive people tend to seek out opportunities to cope with their emotions and problems.


Connection is the root of being able to work with others to solve a problem. Being connected with others is knowing when to work alone, how to lean on others and how to leverage the knowledge of others to solve a problem. It is important to understand how you connect with others to be able to understand where you are the most effective in a team.

Collaborative people tend to work alongside others to solve problems

Independent people tend to work by themselves to solve problems

Let us be your resilience guide.